Thursday, June 26, 2014

three years later

June 26, 2011.

That's the day my life changed forever.

I still vividly remember sitting in church that Sunday and feeling something different, something new. It's pretty hard to explain how, but in one short church service I felt my heart change. After years of calling myself a Christian, I had a real encounter with God that altered my life forever. It wasn't a big dramatic event, but I just remember feeling God's presence like I never had before.

When God changes your heart you're never quite the same.

My whole life I grew up going to church, memorizing verses and even attending a Christian school at one point. All of the things are nice and all, but without the right motivation (Jesus) they're pointless efforts. In fact, they often leave a bad taste in your mouth when you realize that you're following a bunch of rules and doing good things, but you're still not satisfied.

My efforts apart from God's grace and purposes in my life are meaningless.

In 2011, I was a confused and overwhelmed 16 year old. Today, I'm a confused and overwhelmed 19 year old. The difference is where my trust lies. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can trust in the plans and purposes that God has for me. Sounds like something you've read in a cheesy Christian greeting card, I know, but it's still true. When you're going through the confusing times in life it's really hard to make sense of it all, but when you look back, it's easy to see where God was at work. I know that He is faithful and that truth alone is comforting.

 Life is often frustrating and overwhelming and confusing, but God is my consistency.

I've changed a lot in the past three years. I've seen so much growth and maturity in different areas of my life, which is pretty cool. I hope I can say the same thing three more years from now.